Project Description

DefenceCare collateral

RSL DefenceCare

Serving in the Australian Defence Force can impact on the health and wellbeing for Australian veterans and their families, during and after service. Some find it difficult to transition to civilian life; dealing with mental and physical injuries can lead to significant stress and trauma. RSL DefenceCare is a charity and not-for-profit organisation dedicated to looking after them. Their services include assistance with claims, advocacy, counselling, support and financial assistance.

RSL DefenceCare’s aim is to help the people they serve survive the tough times and continue to help as long as needed.

The challenge:

To create print and digital material that communicates the organisation’s services for their clients and families.

The solution:

We’ve created print and digital material the reflects the values of RSL DefenceCare while spelling out the services they offer. The material is wide-ranging, and includes brochures, stationery and advertising, as well as marketing and sponsorship material. In addition, we’ve created annual reports, event collateral, marketing materials, signage and promotional collateral. Digital marketing and eDM material are also part of our responsibilities.

DefenceCare slides
DefenceCare annual report
DefenceCare branding
DefenceCare collateral
DefenceCare banners